Welcome to 2022-23...

The start of the 2023-2024 school year is upon us. With that will come many volunteer opportunities and chances to support Red Devil Athletics.

We are really trying to grow the attendance numbers. All help is appreciated!

If you have any questions or suggestions for the MABA Board, please contact one of the officers.

2023-24 MABA Officers: Jamie Eovaldi, President, jimhoff@yahoo.com Coral Cerrato, Secretary, coralcerrato@gmail.com Annette Guthman, Treasurer, annetteguthman@yahoo.com

What Is MABA?

Murphysboro Athletic Booster Association is a proud and dedicated support group of all facets of the Murphysboro Athletic Program.


Order a Brick

a year ago

By Allan Jameson

Keep the memories alive and leave your mark forever at Murphysboro High School.

The Boosters have contracted with Bricks 'R Us to provide personalized engraved bricks for placement at Murphysboro High School or at the old MTHS location.

Be a part of the commemorative brick project by ordering your brick today.

Great gift idea!

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, retirements, Christmas, in memory of a loved one, your student's achievements or any occasion.

This is your chance to honor your family, student, or loved one.  You may have whatever you wish engraved on the brick.

Different prices and sizes available.

Ordering information is available by clicking here - Bricks 'R Us