Illinois High School Soccer Coaches Association

This section is devoted to recognizing the SIRR Conference players receiving IHSSCA recognition.

SOCCER - Girls

5 years ago

2018-19- Lillie Schaldemose, Murphysboro (All-Sectional)
2017-18- Lynde Gibbs, Carterville (Honorable Mention)
2016-17- Elle Basler, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2015-16- Elle Basler, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2013-14- Courtney Kendrick, (All-Sectional


5 years ago

2018-19- Blake Pena, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2017-18- Jaryt Tripp, Anna-Jonesboro (All-Sectional)
2016-17- Jaryt Tripp, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2015-16- Dakota Earnhart, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2015-16- Zach Parr, Anna-Jonesboro (All-Sectional)
2014-15- Garrett Nadeau, Anna-Jonesboro (All-Sectional)
2014-15- Noah Fuller, Anna-Jonesboro (All-Sectional)
2013-14- Zach Parr, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2013-14- Garret Nadeau, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)
2013-14- Noah Fuller, Anna-Jonesboro (All-Sectional)
2012-13- Chad Varger, Harrisburg (Honorable Mention)
2012-13- Enrique Arreola, Anna-Jonesboro (Honorable Mention)