Jerrod Gaston MHS Class of 2011

MHS Profile

8 years ago

Jerrod Gaston

MHS Graduation Year: 2011

MHS Sports: Basketball

MHS Awards & Honors:

2009-10 All-Conference, All-South 
2010-11 All-Conference, All-South, All-State First Team
2010-11 All Star Classic Game - MVP
2010-11 Southern Illinois Player Of The Year

How did Murphysboro HS prepare you for college?

MHS taught me discipline, respect and to never settle for less.

Most Memorable Red Devils Athletic Moment?

Most Memorable Red Devil Moments would have to be Beating C'dale on their court, Being able to have a undefeated regular season, Being able to accomplish my dream by beating Breese Central and advancing to the State Tournament. Last but not least just experiencing state and everything that came with it.  My teammates they will forever be a part of me.

What does being a Red Devil mean to you?
Being a Red Devil for me was an honor. I always wanted to be a Red Devil growing up watching all the good teams like the original Hoopsquad. I was always at every game so being able to grow up into that but take it to the next level is a great feeling!

What advice would you give to the current Red Devil Athletes?
The advice I would give to the athletes is to stay on those grades, be a leader in your own way, don't follow the wrong crowd, stay focused and work hard everyday.


After graduating from Murphysboro High School, Jerrod continued his athletic career by playing basketball and attending Vincennes University.